Mother F*cking Magnetic

Inside Mother F*cking Magnetic, I will teach you how to attract clients using your best marketing tool ... YOU! 

Learn how to show up and level up as a stylist because what you wear and the energy you emit matter when it comes to attracting high-paying clients. 

Leveling up your clientele starts with leveling up YOU! It's time to MAGNETIZE that money, honey! 

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Why your personal style sends subliminal messages to your potential clients - and how to control the messaging!
  • How to apply the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance to your business (and why they matter)
  • Simple (and affordable) tweaks to your style that will bring in the big bucks!
  • How to give yourself an energy upgrade, aka an internal makeover.
  • Tapping into "Best in the World" energy, my best-kept secret for sky-rocking sales.
  • Why confidence is an aphrodisiac for clients and how to increase yours.
  • How to be the next level version of you without losing yourself (aka up-leveled authenticity)
  • And so much more!

Mother F*cking Magnetic is a ONE-time training (there is no "next time") with an opportunity for Q&A! The program will take place over Zoom, and you'll have lifetime access to the recording.

 You get both LIVE access and LIFETIME access to the recording.

Live Training: April 27th at 12pm PT

Zoom link will be send 1 hour before the training via email.


$97.00 USD