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Get a comprehensive list of Lauren's favorite business, personal development, and style books for only $7! 

Social Media for Stylists

Introducing the Social Media for Stylists Bundle: A Stylist's Dream Come True!

Here’s what you’ll find inside: 

🚀 Zero Dollar Advertising Training 

  • Learn how to grow your personal styling business without breaking the bank
  • Discover how to get more opportunities, grow your brand, and skyrocket your sales
  • How to use social media and how you use it to grow your business without paid ads, a big team, or "influencer" style content
  • How the wealthy got that way in business and how you can too! 
  • How to suck-proof your content (It's not the algorithm, it’s your content!) 

📚 Social Media for Stylists Resource Book

  • Discover the thought leaders you should follow to keep your social media game strong. 
  • Dive into my curated catalog of books, videos, podcasts, and free online courses to strengthen your marketing skills.
  • Smarten up and speak the lingo with a handy glossary of marketing and social media terms.
  • Learn how to create content with ease (and without a production team) with a comprehensive list of tools and apps to make content creation a breeze.
  • Get my list of resources for outsourcing elements of your content creation, including two I happily pay each month to streamline my creative process. 
  • A list of affordable equipment essentials to self-produce videos. 
  • And a step-by-step guide on producing engaging videos for social media. 

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