Style Boss Academy™ Students Get Results!



Style Boss Academy: Life-Changing!

Not only have I identified and gotten clarity around the ICA, but I am serving her right now!

In the first quarter I've already recouped my cost of SBA and covered my expenses for the entire year, and I increased my prices by 266%.

Things are clicking - I'm charging my worth, getting paid my worth, and I'm attracting people who are my people.


Brittney Ventura
Personal Stylist


Thank you for creating this amazing life changing course.

Before Style Boss. Academy I did not have a business, now I have a clear path forward.

Nicole Richmond
Author & Personal Stylist

Style Boss Academy is incredible.

Inside SBA, I built my packages and I feel really secure in my offers. I actually set the price at double what I was charging before!

Rachel Lambert
Personal Stylist


My first client already asked for more styling sessions.

There was something deep in me that knew I was good at this. I know that I have the talent for it. I know I have the taste and the style. I just didn't know how to bring my gifts to the world and now I do.

Piper Gore
Jewelry Designer + Stylist

I feel really encouraged and excited about my business.

Thanks to the mindset work I've done inside SBA, I manifested a $14,300 raise and a $15,000 promotion. That means I now have more resources to invest in my business.

Courtney Robinson
Personal Stylist

Before Style Boss Academy I made $277 in Q4. After the 10-weeks inside Style Boss Academy, I have made $3500 in sales so far.

I wouldn't have been able to get here without SBA, without Lauren, without all my fellow stylists, classmates like rooting each other on - the support system is insane. I'm so glad I joined SBA and I cannot wait for what the future holds.

Samantha Eugenio
Personal Stylist


It finally feels like things are actually clicking!

This course has been so valuable, especially for people like me who have felt like they've been spinning their wheels for a long time and feeling really stuck. I can see how far I've come in 10-weeks. I can't wait to see what you do because whatever you're selling, I'm buying!

Angie Roberts
Personal Stylist

started with nothing and now I have a full fledged business.

Before SBA I just had a dream and I had passion and I was flooded with information on how to start a business.

Mandy Jane Yockey
Life Coach


My Spring Style Event SOLD OUT!

I am so excited! And I have multiple women interested in booking my individual styling package.

Katie Miner
Personal Stylist

This program is amazing!

I finally figured out that my very empathic, down to earth approach to support women was to best utilized through being a lawyer - not a stylist.

Christina Ehrhardt-Burns
Stylist turned Lawyer


Style Boss Academy is priceless! 

My biggest takeaway is that my mindset shifted; instead of thinking small, I created a vision that's unique to me. I've always wanted something bigger that can touch more people's lives. SBA helped me open my mind and opened my heart to the possibilities of sharing my gifts with the world. I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

Carine Camara
Stylist + Holistic Healer


This program has been amazing. 

I've increased my pricing, my confidence, and booked my first travel styling package in New York City, which has been something that I've always wanted to do in my business

Kjersti Pollard
Personal Stylist

I'm more confident in myself than I've ever been.

I've gotten two paying clients already. I have also gotten rid of the scarcity mindset and embraced an abundant mindset. I feel like I can achieve so much more than I could ever imagine.

Chinye Amadi-Emina 
Personal Stylist


Style Boss Academy has been a beautiful journey. Every word, ever module, ever rant has been so, so, so helpful.

Simrat Bohra
Personal Stylist

My prices were low,  embarrassingly low, but all that changed after taking Style Boss Academy.

Personal Stylist


Style Boss Academy was a great experience. Before SBA the pandemic wiped everything out but things are getting better. I can now work online with clients instead of in-person.


LA Toiya Mitchell
Personal Stylist


Thank you Lauren you give so much energy, you're the best of best in this industry!

Hang Vo
Personal Stylist

I learned so much from Style Boss Academy, you blew my mind and exceeded my expectations.

Sharon Autrey
Personal Stylist


Where I started compared to where I am today is like night and day!

Ashleigh Copeland, Personal Stylist

Such a game-changer! I have total clarity, confidence, the tools, and the strategy to make my dreams a reality.

 Sophia Mela, Personal Stylist


(Before SBA) I had hit a wall with my personal styling business ... and now everything is falling into place.

Batul Sadiq
Personal Stylist

SBA is hugely helpful whether you have a styling business or not.

Jannely Gomez
Pet Care Entrepreneur

I started with no idea how to make this work, but I knew I needed to make a move.

Clarity emerged as I decluttered my mind and spaces, fueled by affirmations and motivation. Now, I'm moving forward with worth, confidence, and commitment, providing what my ICA needs to grow.

Patrece Wright
Personal Stylist

Mindset work paid off - I now have multiple clients for my signature service, covering the course cost and more.

Business is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics, and Lauren's course proved that right. Becoming authentic boosted my social media growth; I'm excited to dive deeper and explore new business avenues.

Jamie Lewis
Personal Stylist


Lauren knows what she's talking about, gives tough love, and it just made perfect sense to me!

Mindset work got me in the right space, helped me understand my why, and discover my ideal clients. Also, charging a price that commands my worth is stepping into my confidence and ensuring my business's success.

Karren Griffith
Personal Stylist

The mindset work and lessons on overcoming fear have been life-changing for me.

Stepping into the uncomfortable zone of thinking positively and replacing negative thoughts with affirmations has been amazing. Believing in and respecting my business as its own entity has transformed my mindset and elevated my journey.

Annie Shiau
Personal Stylist


This is not a hobby anymore, this is a full on legit business.

Brittney Ventura
Personal Stylist

SBA changed my life. It gave me a huge boost of confidence. I have clients waiting for me to officially launch my styling business.

Nisrine Younes
Personal Stylist

This round has been magical for me, and I'm so excited about what the future holds.

Being more particular about my ICA was very helpful, enabling me to show up as the person who can attract the clients I want.

Alela Smith
Personal Stylist

She changed my life!

I now have some clients; I didn't have any clients before, and I would have never put my prices up like I have. I couldn't really be more grateful for the support I've had from women in this group.

Giorgie Ramazzotti
Personal Stylist

I finally got the confidence to admit that it's never going to be a perfectly comfortable, safe journey.

But I just feel so ready, and I feel like it really is the right time now that I'm crystal clear on what it is I'm doing, and that's invaluable.

Britnei Nicole

SBA taught me how to actually show my clients how to shift their mindset and what I needed to do to make them see themselves in a different light.

SBA gave me the opportunity to start over, and the biggest thing that I understood was that I needed to speak to the needs of my ICA. It wasn't just about buying them new clothes, but it was also about why I was doing those things. I'm excited to see what my business will look like after launching. Thank you so much, Lauren, for everything that you taught me. Looking forward to that one-on-one session.

Christen Johnson
Personal Stylist

SBA helps you create a business, it helps you become an entrepreneur, that's why it's so great.

The mindset work that comes with SBA is so good; each module starts with mindset work, helping us find the real reason why we want to do this. Another amazing thing that SBA has helped me with is providing me with an amazing community of personal stylists and entrepreneurs from across the world whom I know I can rely upon anytime for any doubt or any issue. I'm really glad I joined SBA, and I'm so grateful to Lauren for this.

Ikveen Kaur
Personal Stylist

Since I started the modules and went through them, I can definitely see the transformation in my business and in my mindset.

I had this one follower on my social media who's been messaging me for months, and since I've been posting consistently, last week, she actually bought one of my style consultations. I can only imagine if I had been consistent, she probably would have booked me months ago. I can only imagine how many more clients and people I will be able to attract because I'm in my assignment.

LaToya Polk Robinson
Personal Stylist

My business has changed so much!

If you had asked me back then, I would have told you I was on The Struggle Bus, but now my business is actually running and moving, and I can say confidently that going through these modules of SBA has completely transformed not just my mindset but also given me an opportunity to truly find my purpose.

Ashleigh Copeland
Figure Skating Coach

It really has changed me as a person.

A lot of that starts with the mindset work that we've done. I thought I was gonna learn to do this and this and this to be a stylist, but it was not like that at all. It was forcing me to figure things out, and I think that is the key to success.

April Brooks Clemmer
Personal Stylist

Before I joined SBA, my business was giving me very much reluctant entrepreneurial energy, always feeling like I have to fix things before getting started.

But SBA taught me to work with what I have and improve from there, and it completely shifted my mindset. I just want to thank Lauren and the Style Boss Academy team for putting this all together. If it weren't for you good people, I would be on the way in or out, but now I see mistakes as learning opportunities to grow.

Stephanie Pollard-Scott

I learned more about myself in SBA than I have my whole life.

I have learned that mindset is everything. Learning to overcome that mindset isn't easy, but it can be done; you just have to persist and trust in yourself that you can do this. I feel like I'm starting my business over again. I have the bones, and now I can really evolve it into something that I'm really proud of. Thank you, Lauren; I am so excited to see where all this leads.

Tors Innes
Personal Stylist

I was comparing the two businesses in terms of income and how many clients I could get, letting that lead where I was going, but I was not happy.

A scarcity mindset and fear were holding me back, so I decided to sign up for SBA and go back to my passion for this business.

Atena Crain
Personal Stylist

I've actually earned more money in the last three months than I did for all of 2022.

I've had major shifts in my mindset; I can really see how I've had huge increases in my confidence. I finally filed to become an LLC after being a sole proprietor for literally the last decade.

Nejla Renee Wells
Personal Stylist

The SBA mindset work has taken me a long way in getting me out of that rut and towards clarity, intention, and focus.

I now have specific goals and tasks on my calendar that I work from every day, and I feel like I'm more of an authority now, not only when it comes to style but when it comes to starting and building a small business. SBA made me quickly realize that I have been undervaluing my service and what I bring to the table. It led me to adjust my pricing accordingly, which is a dramatic increase from where I started, increasing my earning potential for sure.

Susan Kusters
Personal Stylist

I went from sitting at my kitchen table for hours, getting nowhere, to being the boss!

This confidence did not exist before SBA; it's pretty amazing when I reflect back on the last 10 weeks. SBA truly has changed my mindset, how I view myself as an entrepreneur, and my business as well. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program, and I believe in my fellow bosses' potential for a similar transformation. Since completing SBA, I now have a clear idea of what my business is, who I serve, and why. I am no longer charging teeny tiny rates; I'm charging a competitive rate, and I'm getting booked with a 100% close rate.

Nicole Coccinelle Steegmans
Personal Stylist

You need to run a sustainable business; for you to get money, you need to develop a sustainable business.

Style Boss Academy gave us business clarity, providing us with a roadmap to direct us in the direction we need to go to reach our goals. I just want to say thank you to Style Boss Academy, Lauren, and all the ladies that participated in the group. I'm getting out of my comfort zone, and this has been a great chance for me to meet new people and further my business journey.

Tawanda Takarinda
Personal Stylist

When I joined SBA, it turned my life around.

SBA has helped me get rid of my limiting beliefs, take leaps of faith, and believe in the gifts that the Universe has given me as a personal stylist. Now that I am completed with SBA, I've been able to turn my business around, obtain clients, and make more than I did in the whole of 2022.

Empres Shenel Bey
Personal Stylist

I was shocked at how much the mindset work impacted me!

The daily journaling and devotionals have set my whole day up for success. Going through the modules and doing the journal prompts has really blossomed my hobby business into a professional one. SBA has given me the confidence to put myself out there and now I have clients. I'm grateful that I picked up this book at Barnes & Noble a year ago.

Jenn Clements
Personal Stylist

Let me ask you a question … 

Are you building a business or an expensive hobby? Anyone can call themselves a personal stylist, but only those who invest in the success of their business actually succeed in personal styling. I want you to succeed! 

Each and every one of these students started out just like you, with zero clients and zero experience. Heck, that’s exactly how I started as well. 

If you want success, then it’s up to you to take it! 

I’ve trained over 5,000 stylists and am widely recognized as one of the most respected personal stylists in the world. I want to show you exactly how to experience wild success. 

Are you ready, Boss?

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