Elevate Your Life Using Style

Even if you hate shopping, don’t have a clothing budget, or feel like nothing in your closet fits...


“I never realized how much your outer shell protects your inner self until I met Lauren. I’m confident when it comes to work, but was struggling in the personal self-confidence area. Lauren changed my life simply by changing my style.”

- Michelle, SCC Member


Since joining SCC, members report:

Tell me if this is you...

Each morning you stare longingly into your closet hoping an outfit magically jumps out at you. In your mind, you try to piece together a look that compliments your body type, while also revealing some personality, but without looking like you’re trying too hard…

Once you finally break free from your trance, you hunt down that go-to ensemble that you know is due for retirement. 

It’s called Closet Paralysis and I’m going to show you how to create a formula for getting dressed no matter the occasion, so you can put an end to this suffering once and for all.

You’ve uttered the words “I have nothing to wear” or “nothing fits me” at least once this month.

You’ve spent embarrassing amounts of money on clothes - and you still hate everything in your closet.

You’ve felt overlooked at home and at work, often feeling “invisible” (this was me for years before I created this system)

You’ve got a Pinterest board loaded with outfits, but lack the confidence to actually wear them (and if you do, you spend the entire day in your head because you feel so self-conscious)

Girl, I’ve been there, and it SUCKS! I know what it’s like to feel invisible, overlooked, and under-appreciated.

Growing up I floated around friend groups, using different looks to shapeshift and try to fit in with different cliques.

While I’ve always loved fashion (I was sewing clothes for my Barbies at the age of 5), it wasn’t until I got a retail job at the mall that I realized just how much joy it brought me to help women find an outfit they feel confident in. Any stylist can put together a cute outfit…

I loved finding the outfit that could effectively communicate my client’s goals and intentions out to the world so they could land that job interview or show up confidently to a hot date.

This skill launched my career, soon becoming one of the top personal stylists in LA.

Life was good, but I still felt incomplete and invisible.

The tipping point came one sunny afternoon during a meeting with my male business partner for my second business, School of Style.

In my own business meeting, the other party looks at me and says “Hey sweetie, are you taking notes?”    

I’d made a career of helping other women use style to show up as their most badass selves, yet my own style was sending the wrong message. That day I decided to become my own client.

If I was going to be treated like a successful business owner, I needed to embody, elevate, and express myself as a successful business owner.

What do they read?
What do they listen to?
What personal demons do they need to overcome?
And of course, how do they look / what do they wear?

I was going to "fake it til I made it" in order for the world to see me.
I had to create a New Identity and step into it full-hearted.
I’ll show you these identities, keep reading...

Imposter syndrome

Scarcity mindset

Guilt around investing in myself

Confusion about my future in unchartered territory

“Friends” trying to drag me back into their comfort zone

Developing new habits and looking at the parts that kept me from fitting in all my life because I was born to stand out.


I hit my goal of making a million dollars by the time I turned 35

I joined Entrepreneurs Organization (a global organization for entrepreneurs making over a million in revenue.) 

People knew I was the boss at meetings, and I began to experience some major accolades.

I starred in television commercials for Westfield Mall, guest spots as a style expert on VH1, the Kris Jenner Show, and KTLA. Was featured in major publications (Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, The Hollywood Reporter) and truly became a business badass.

I got my seat at the table and stopped feeling like a fraud.

I’ve created an incredible network of peers, more friends than I can count, and I feel comfortable looking the part.

I’m comfortable taking up space in a room, letting myself be seen instead of shrinking myself down, letting my voice be heard, and succeeding unapologetically.

My mindset has completely shifted and the scarcity thinking I was raised on is gone. I don’t give a damn about what other people think, and style is no longer something I struggle with or going into debt over.

And I want the same for you.





“ You decide every moment of every day who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second.”

- Tony Robbins



After Helping Thousands of Women Find Their Style Confidence, From Celebrity Clients to the Everyday Introvert Who Lost Touch With Her Feminine Power...


I Want To Reveal The 4 Stages to Style Confidence

What’s Your Style Saying?

“I have nothing to wear” as you stare into your closet.

Re-pinning eccentric, colorful outfits when in reality you match your black pants with a comfy black top each day.

More items than you care to admit are hanging in your closet right now with the tags still on them.

These are common symptoms of a lack of Style Identity.

Without a Style Identity, every morning you get dressed becomes a guessing game. 

Therefore the wardrobe you finally pull together doesn’t reflect who you really are inside - and it’s keeping you from being seen, heard, valued and respected.  

You’ll experience some serious self-discovery but you’ll come out with a Style Identity all your own that confidently expresses the real badass inside. 

You’ll no longer struggle with what to wear as you’ll have a framework for getting dressed for every occasion!

Formula For Getting Dressed

By stage two you have your very own Style Identity framework to confidently express who you are inside...

But you’re still not sure how to translate your defined style into an outfit.

What you’re missing are Outfit Formulas.

Without an Outfit Formula, you’re going to take even longer getting dressed in the mornings because now you KNOW what you want to wear, and what you want to convey - but you don’t have the skillset to turn it into reality.  

However, once you have your own Style Identity, you can plug that into the “Outfit Formulas” and create 20 different looks from the same top!

Many of the women in SCC report that they no longer need to go shopping because they’ve learned how to get more looks out of what they already own!

Stepping Into Your Best Self

By now you’re starting to feel like a brand new woman.

Just by elevating their style, women in the Collective tell me the compliments are rolling in, their confidence is way up, they landed the big promotion or the interview for their dream job, they’re getting more respect at work, more attention from their partner and other men, unexpected weight loss, and the list goes on…

Now that we’ve effectively created a style that communicates who we are...

It’s time to define who you want to be.

If style can help you get more out of life by communicating who you are, imagine how much MORE work your style can do for you when it’s communicating who you want to be.

This is how we dress for our dreams and literally step into the best version of ourselves every morning. 

This is how I manage to attract at least 70% of my vision board every year.  I already know what I’m going to be wearing on my book tour when I become a New York Times Best-Selling Author!

No more playing small.

Style Mastery 

Now you have a framework - a Style Identity - to express the best version of yourself.  You have Outfit Formulas to easily get dressed for any occasion.

You are saying yes to life and life is rewarding you in return.

But you’re not done yet!

You need to continuously elevate, express, and repeat.

If you master your style and call it quits, you become like my neighbor who mastered her style in the 80s - rocking the faux Versace tracksuit with the electric blue eyeliner and the teased up bangs.

Don’t be a relic. 

The Collective will make sure you never get stagnant. Every month we will push you to become your best self with growth challenges, style guides, expert interviews, and accountability so you can see just how much you can squeeze out of this juicy life.

Client Success Stories

These ladies transformed their style and their lives using Style Confidence Collective!

“I am a little surprised with my final choices! I identified most with casual chic and modern mommy. No wonder my wardrobe has been a challenge. Lol”

- Debra Carr


Ready to Level Up?

The Collective is a home for women of all body shapes, ages and professions to get more out of life and unleash their inner Badass.


“ Lauren, you are so different from everyone around starting with personal style and discovering you inner self! I feel your support! I feel motivation and power to do the next steps! This Style Confidence Collective is priceless! So excited to see my new self!” - Evelina, SCC Member



“I HAVE A FIGURE! Who knew?! I never thought this would work but Lauren and this group have inspired me to break free of my comfort zone. To reach for the style I dream of having because it is out there. I can have whatever I want in my life, I just need to express it. All my gratitude to this group. I love all of you. You inspire me daily. I would not have come this far without your posts, comments, and support. The third round interview is set for next week. By Friday I will have my dream job.” - Laura, SCC Member



“I’ve noticed some energy shifts in my life and things moving and opening up in cool directions since I started. Yay! ” - Heather Denehy, SCC Member



The place where women of all walks of life are coming together to learn how to elevate their life and express their power through style.

What To Expect On Your Style Confidence Journey...

  • You already have a personal style - it’s time to find out what it is and what message you’re sending!
  • We’re going to undergo a 7-day breakthrough challenge where you’ll get a unique perspective on your current style and how you’re perceived by the world
  • You’ll never be able to go back to who you were after this challenge
  • Most women are surprised by what they *think* they look like vs. what they *actually* look like!


“This was such a learning experience. I caught myself once or twice being mindless while getting dressed - just grabbing stuff to wear, but luckily stopped myself in time and brought some presence and consideration into creating the outfits. I noticed a “friendlier” vibe around me as the week progressed. By day 7 I was like abracadabra - two people surprised me with small gifts - chocolates, etc. I joined a colleague for lunch and they decided to settle the bill, so it was also a treat/gift to me. All of this felt so special!” - Christobel



  • You can’t dress for who you are if you don’t know who you are!
  • The Style Self Discovery™ is going to reveal who you are beyond the expectations you put on yourself and the masks you wear as a woman
  • It’s my 20 question self-discovery process that I’ve used to change my life over and over
  • It has allowed me dig deep and create million-dollar businesses, buy my dream house in LA, and drive my dream car (my brand new Tesla)
  • This is what separates us from the rest of the world who choose comfort over fulfillment


“I am already feeling the effects of better knowing myself and what I want to accomplish with my style.” - Suzy



  • After the 7 Day Challenge and the Style Self Discovery, you’re ready to create your Style Identity that expresses who you really are inside
  • There are 15 Style Types that I’ve created for you so creating your own Style Identity is as easy as choosing which style(s) you resonate with most!
  • I’ve even included Pinterest boards for each style so you can begin putting together looks immediately
  • Finally - you’ll have a framework for getting dressed that actually makes you feel more confident each day


“Polished Professional” / “Tastefully Timeless” with a slight “Edgy Classic” undertone.I was surprised! It’s definitely checking all the boxes based on what I’d already pinned on Pinterest and what l like the most in my closet.” - Elizabeth



  • You’re going to receive THIRTY Outfit Formulas you can customize with the items you already have in your closet
  • 10 Casual Outfit Formulas
  • 10 Work Outfit Formulas
  • 10 Date Outfit Formulas
  • Getting dressed has never been this easy!
  • You’re going to be able to expand your style comfort zone without feeling like you’re “trying too hard” or feeling Imposter Syndrome


“I just used this for what I am wearing tomorrow and holy crap, I have never put together an outfit that looked that good so easily. Took me five minutes with accessories and everything.” -Miranda



  • Now that you have your Style Identity and your Outfit Formulas, it’s time to put it to the test!
  • This Style Challenge are the baby steps that will compound your confidence as we explore more of your closet and expand your comfort zone
  • You’re going to be amazed at all the possibilities and combinations you can style with the clothing you already own
  • Plus you’ll gain inspiration from other women inside the Collective Facebook Group who are learning about the potential in their closet as well


“What a revelation!!! The 31 day challenge has been SO FUN, so far! For my “dress up a button down blouse,” I decided to wear one of my husband’s shirts as a tunic, with a belt, over leggings. All day, I felt super cool and I noticed my outfit catching people’s attention. It feels AMAZING to not be invisible! I NEVER would’ve come up with the idea without this challenge” - Sara



  • I’ve spent much of my life proving there is SO much available to you if you just ASK for it!
  • Now that you’ve elevated your style, it’s time to create your Life-Style Blueprint
  • My 4-Step Manifestation Module will help you define the best version of yourself so you can show up as that woman every minute of the day - and look the part ;) 
  • This is why we call it a “Collective Leveling Up”


“Manifestation is real ladies. I have an interview lined up with a FASHION COMPANY SOFTWARE PLATFORM to possibly run their cyber security program, which would put me at a salary range I thought I would hit in 5 years, this year! (Over 200K!) Thanks to you all and Lauren Messiah for helping me elevate myself this year in so many ways in such a short amount of time! I don’t care if I get the job, I just LOVE that all this stuff works if you look at everything positively and put in the work!” - Katie



Then, you’ll have mastered the art
of getting dressed!


Once you go through my proprietary Style Confidence journey, you will know who you are, what you want, and how to show up as the best woman you can be - with arms wide open to all the things this world has in store for you.

Then there is nothing stopping you from who you are becoming. Now we need to maintain the momentum so we don’t end up like my old neighbour in the 80’s Versace tracksuit.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying”

- William S. Burroughs


Why I Created The Collective.

As a bonafide misfit, I’ve struggled to find my tribe. I was too intense, too ambitious, my sense of humor too dry, and, at the time, I certainly didn’t meet society’s standards of beauty (thin, tall, white, and blond.)

I marched to the beat of my own drum, but damn girl, that one woman band was lonely AF. I craved a community of like-minded women who weren’t afraid to go for more in every aspect of their life - success and style with zero fucks given. I searched high and low, but I couldn’t find such a place.

So, I created it.


Style Confidence Collective is the place for badass women to come together and discover their true sense of style and power.

...all while achieving their biggest, baddest goals.

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”

- Maya Angelou


Here’s What You Get When You Join SCC Today

Each season you’ll get access to:

  • A safe place to elevate and a Growth Challenge to help you expand your style and your mind
  • Quarterly Book Club (I read about 7 books a month, but we choose 1 to discuss inside the collective)
  • You’ll also get private access to Expert Interviews on all areas of your life - style in the workplace, makeup, beauty, skincare, mindset, confidence, money and finances, goal setting, relationships, etc.
  • Plus quarterly Shopping Lists with top picks designed for each body type
  • Practical Trend Guides where I’ll tackle the latest trends and how they best work for your life and personal style
  • Workshops with Lauren (jump to the Goal Setting Workshop)

Surround yourself with like-minded women inside our  Private Facebook Community.

  • Find an accountability partner to hold you to your goals.
  • Join local meetups, coffee dates, and Collective shopping trips
  • Access the monthly LIVE Q&A’s with me where you can ask me anything about style, accessories, goal setting, business building...whatever!
  • Post your selfies and find style inspiration from your fellow SCC style posts.
  • Note sure if you should grab those leopard print heels? Ask the Collective for feedback!

Want to save time with my Packing Lists?

Want to unlock more looks with my Outfit Planning Templates?

Do you have all the Basics inside my Deluxe Wardrobe Checklist?

Need a playlist to get ready to?

Boss Mode
Want to unlock Boss Mode?

Curious about my Morning Routine?

What inspires me to build a successful business and still live a balanced, fulfilled life?

Want to know my go-to books for personal development, business, or style?

And That’s Not All...

...Get The Answers Inside The SCC Lounge Today


To sum it up, here’s all the goods you’ll receive when you join us today:

The 7-Day Selfie Challenge
Style Self Discovery™ Questionnaire
Style Type Assessment
30 Outfit Formulas
The 31 Days of Style Challenge
Manifesting Your Future Self

Access to current and past monthly content ($1497 Value)
Style Confidence 'Style Stages' Training ($997 value) 
Monthly Live Q&A sessions ($197)
Quarterly Coaching + Growth Challenges ($197 value)
Guest Expert Interviews ($497 value)
Quarterly Shopping Guides ($197 value)
Quarterly Book Club ($197 value)
Private SCC Facebook Community ($497 value)
Access to the SCC Lounge ($297 value)

Over $4,573 In Value!

Over $2,000 In Value, Get Immediate Access Today For Only:

No Commitment



Access to current and past monthly content ($1497 Value)
Style Confidence 'Style Stages' Training ($997 value) 
Monthly Live Q&A sessions ($197)
Quarterly Coaching + Growth Challenges ($197 value)
Guest Expert Interviews ($497 value)
Quarterly Shopping Guides ($197 value)
Quarterly Book Club ($197 value)
Private SCC Facebook Community ($497 value)
Access to the SCC Lounge ($297 value)
Dress Right For Your Body Type Program. ($97 Value)
Style Awakening Challenge Recordings ($97 value)
5-4-3-2-1 Printable Journal ($29 Value)
2 Months Free ($194 Value)




Access to current and past monthly content ($1497 Value)
Style Confidence 'Style Stages' Training ($997 value) 
Monthly Live Q&A sessions ($197)
Quarterly Coaching + Growth Challenges ($197 value)
Guest Expert Interviews ($497 value)
Quarterly Shopping Guides ($197 value)
Quarterly Book Club ($197 value)
Private SCC Facebook Community ($497 value)
Access to the SCC Lounge ($297 value)
Dress Right For Your Body Type Program ($97 Value)
Style Awakening Challenge Recordings ($97 Value)
5-4-3-2-1 Printable Journal ($29 Value)
2 Months Free ($194 Value)


You’ll never have to say the phrase, “Nothing fits me” ever again after this advanced style tutorial!

Even with your Style Identity, Outfit Formulas and Templates, we all have unique angles and edges to our body that makes us unique. I created this course for women who are self-conscious about a specific body part or their overall frame.



Body Type Identification: How to identify which body type you have and how to measure yourself

Dressing For Your Body Type: Learn how to use style to fill in your
figure or make you slimmer with simple style hacks

Style by Body Type: Must-haves and what to avoid for your body type

Outfit by Body Type: Access new Outfit Formulas designed specifically for your body type

Style by Body Part: Avoid returns and shopping drama by learning how to use style to compensate for those awkward, disproportionate body parts


There is no magical formula for a woman who is a little bigger on the bottom, with cankles, a short torso, and thick upper arms. Which is why I’m offering this course as a FREE bonus to those committed action-takers who invest in the annual membership!

Join For The Year And Get the Dress Right For Your Body Type Course FREE ($99 Value)

Style Confidence Can Change Your Life

But Don’t Take My Word For It…

“I was taught that girly meant cute, childish, less intelligent and weak. I only wore pants to avoid looking too feminine. Also when I want to look more professional, I tend to go more towards men’s wear than pencil skirts or dresses. My personality is very feminine and friendly, but I’ve been dressing differently, which is why I never felt like myself. My style type that I figured out in SCC is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and pull more feminine (feminine chic with an edge). I’m super excited for this because it’s who I’ve always wanted to be, but society made me think it was a negative. I’m going to embrace my feminine side because it’s definitely been waiting to fully come out! I love SCC because I’m learning how to be unapologetically me through style, confidence, body image, self love, etc! I’m going to “get girly” and do some self care; do my makeup, get my hair done and get a massage. More importantly, I’m going to recondition myself to associate femininity with being powerful, strong, confident, independent, fierce, sexy, compassionate, friendly and just me.”

–Kiana, SCC Member

“Since being a part of this group I started to get up early, put on makeup, and dress as smart as I can (without shopping, I had all I needed just got a bit lazy). Two weeks ago, my boss took me aside to have a chat. He said I should apply for a position above mine that was advertised recently within a company and he has faith in me. Coincidence? I DON’T think so!” –Miranda, SCC Member



“Working with Lauren was like therapy. She got to the core of my insecurities, and because of my new wardrobe, I am far more confident in both my personal and professional life!” –Shannon, SCC Member


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no “right size” when it comes to style. The skills you will acquire in the Collective are guaranteed to help you feel better about yourself throughout the day no matter what size you are.

There is no magic formula for style since every one of us have different proportions. If you feel like you have a harder time finding pieces that fit you, or your body type is just so unique that you’ve lost ALL hope on looking and feeling good - then I recommend you get the annual membership so you can access the Dress Right For Your Body Type.

This is something I hear all the time, and I don’t believe you should put your life, your happiness, or your worth on hold for anything. Many women in the Collective feel slimmer just by learning how to style, and this is the motivation they needed to make new lifestyle choices and lose the weight.

Then you’re in the right place because this membership is an investment in yourself and utilizing what you already have. Most women experience a reduction in shopping (and returns) because they’ve learned how to get more outfits out of the items already in their closet.

Then you’re in the right place because this membership is an investment in yourself and utilizing what you already have. Most women experience a reduction in shopping (and returns) because they’ve learned how to get more outfits out of the items already in their closet.

There are a lot of women in the Collective that are stay-at-home Moms, women who work from home, or even women in male-dominated industries who have asked the same question. My answer is absolutely YES, because it’s about how you feel about yourself, not about receiving compliments. My mission is to help women understand their worth, define their dreams, and unapologetically show up as the best version of themselves - you just can’t put a price tag on that.

You’ll create your own Style Identity which will be a reflection of your personality, your goals, and your style preferences. This will allow you to create professional looks for work, look hot for date night, or look cute and chic when you’re just bumming around at home.

There’s no better time to invest in yourself! You’re in a new stage of life, and it’s yours to create. By manifesting your future self, and dressing for it, you can make the next 20 years better than the last! Some of the best stories in the Collective come from the fabulous, retired women who have redefined themselves, and even made lasting friendships with other like-minded women in the Collective. They meet up for coffee and go shopping together all the time!

Sorry, fellas! This community is exclusive to women and those who identify as women. 

I grew up believing I’m only worthy of having whatever crumbs life had left for me. Luckily I found the right mentors to shift my beliefs so I could learn how to ask for more. Now I’m proud to admit I manifest like a BOSS but it’s because I’ve learned how to set goals, chase my dreams, and invest in myself - which is SCARY! The hard truth is that the world won’t invest in you until you can first invest in yourself.  

You can cancel anytime. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] letting us know that you’d like to cancel your membership.

Nope. This is a monthly membership, meaning members pay a set price monthly but you are free to cancel anytime. It’s kinda like Netflix, but for style.

If you choose the monthly membership, your first payment will be charged the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the same day you enrolled. If you chose the annual membership, you will make a one-time payment and be set for the entire year. You won’t be billed again until the following year.

So, What’ll It Be?

You can choose to simply carry on just “Existing” or you can choose to Elevate!. The decision is yours...

No Commitment



Cancel Anytime


Annual Membership



FREE BONUSES: Dress Right For Your Body Type Course + Style Awakening Challenge 


Need help getting started or have questions?
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