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 Join Lauren Messiah's Style Boss Academy™, an online course and certification program designed to help you start and sustain a purpose-driven styling business. Build your style empire, create incredible income, and change lives through the power of personal styling.

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Style Boss AcademyWins happen DAILY! 

Style Bosses stay "Booked and Busy" post graduation. 

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"Working with Lauren gave me amazing clarity for my styling business. Her coaching was invaluable in shifting my mindset from overwhelm to action.

I clearly identified my ideal client type, and I have effortlessly booked new clients!"


"Lauren has had an incredible impact on my business. I love her passion, vision and belief in me and my business.

Lauren goes all in as a mentor. It is not the usual surface stuff where she tells you what you should do and you are left to your own devices."


"Lauren has given me so much clarity in my business. Lauren teaches 12 years worth of business in 10 weeks.

She is so invested in your success and it makes the experience of building a business so much more enjoyable."


"Joining Lauren's program was probably one of the best decisions I've made for myself! . Lauren took me out of my comfort zone and helped me embrace my highest potential.

Since then, I've stopped living small and finally started my styling business."



Style Boss Academy™

Learn how to create a profitable, purpose-driven styling business. 

Join Style Boss Academy, led by stylist, author, coach, and entrepreneur Lauren Messiah, to experience a transformative online course and certification program designed to help you start and sustain a purpose-driven styling business.

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Here is the Proven Blueprint for Building Your Styling Business: 

Inside Style Boss Academy™, you’ll gain access to all the content listed below, as well as weekly LIVE Q&A calls.

Module 1: How to Be a Boss

We kick things off with the BOSS principles. A true Style Boss taps into their growth mindset, smarts, god-given talent, creativity and turns nothing into something. This means saying goodbye to cookie-cutter business modules that not only don't work but aren't fulfilling either. It's time to invite wild success no matter which business model you choose. 

Lesson 1: Welcome to Style Boss Academy
Lesson 2: Meet Lauren Messiah
Lesson 3: Style Boss Principles

Module 2: Your Mission

Inside Module 2, we'll set up the foundation of your business- the big picture, your "why." Proper foundations ensure that you build a company that you love and genuinely serve others. Successful business owners do this, and amateur business owners don't. Say goodbye to being an amateur and hello to being a boss! 

Lesson 1: Tapping into BOSS Mentality
Lesson 2: Finding Your Why
Lesson 3: Your Core Values

Module 3: Your Brand Story

Inside Module 3, we will take your unique story and turn it into the fuel to build a sustainable business. Storytelling in your business allows you to connect with your perfect customers, increases your sales conversions, and allows you to experience fulfillment inside your business instead of stress and burnout because you're genuinely helping people!

Lesson 1: Why Storytelling Matters
Lesson 2: Turning your pain into power
Lesson 3: The Art of Storytelling

Module 4: Who You Serve

Inside SBA, we go beyond the "niche" and reach deep into the heart and soul of your potential client. During Module 4, we will dive deep into who you serve as a business owner, aka developing your ICA. After this module, your clients will ask where your business has been all their lives. 

Lesson 1: Why ICAs Matter
Lesson 2: Your Ideal Customer Avatar
Lesson 3: Getting to know your ICA

Module 5: What You Sell

For our 5th Module together, we will build out your services, aka what you sell, aka how you make money. You're also going to learn how to price your services properly. Say goodbye to copying what you saw another "successful" person in your industry do; instead, you'll create a product that practically sells itself. 

Lesson 1: Services that Serve
Lesson 2: Creating Your Core Offer
Lesson 3: Pricing Your Offer

Module 6: Your Brand

Module 6 is super fun! It's all about your brand and how you show up. This module will ensure you confidently show up in all areas of your business. We'll tackle your brand voice, your visual brand, how you show up with your style, as well as naming your business and building your website.

Lesson 1: A Brand Called YOU
Lesson 2: Your Visual Brand
Lesson 3: Your Business Branding

Module 7: Your Content + Marketing Strategy

Want to hear a secret? You don't need a million followers to make money in your business. Inside Module 7, you'll learn the social media marketing strategies that turn followers into dollars. That's right, get ready to learn how to create content that converts.

Lesson 1: Putting Yourself Out There Online
Lesson 2: Content + Social Media Marketing
Lesson 3: Email Marketing

Module 8: Selling Your Services

You can be the best stylist in the world, but if you can't sell your services, your business is destined to fail. That's why Module 8 is such a game-changer! Inside, you'll learn how to make selling easy and fun - can you believe it?! Kiss your sales-phobia goodbye because it's time to make making money fun.

Lesson 1: Squashing Sales-Phobia
Lesson 2: Crafting + Delivering Your Pitch
Lesson 3: Closing the Sale

Module 9: Growing Your Business

If you don't set goals and plan for the future of your business, you can plan to fail. Inside our 9th Module together, we're going to map out the future of your business through goal-setting, strategic planning, success principles, and tactics to keep the clients coming and the revenue flowing.

Lesson 1: Success Principles
Lesson 2: Goal Setting + KPIs
Lesson 3: Scaling Your Business

Module 10: Your Business Toolkit

The final step in the Style Boss business-building process is getting legit. Setting up your business entity, the financial and legal work necessary to start your business, business banking, and more will all be covered during this final module.

Lesson 1: Navigating Your Business Toolkit

Lesson 2: Business Structure Essentials
Lesson 3: Must-Have Business Tools

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"Lauren is a go-getter – friendly and direct. She’s built a career working with LA celebrities and mentoring the next generation of stylists." 

Stacy London, What Not To Wear 


🎉 Style Boss Academy™ Wins 🎉


Graduate as a Certified

Style Boss

Upon completion of the Style Boss Academy curriculum, you will receive a digital certificate to show off to your clients. 


In Addition to the Core Content, You're Also Getting Access to:

10 Live 60-Minute Q&A Sessions

($3,997 value) 

Have a question during SBA? You’ll get the chance to ask your questions LIVE and get clarity on anything that comes up for you throughout SBA!

Transformational Workbooks

($2,997 value)

Each module contains implementation worksheets which will put everything you learn in the course videos into action for your business! The worksheets are where the real work happens. Do the work, get the results.

Bonus #1 - Mindset Maintenance Tool Kit

($4,997 value)

This toolkit includes journaling prompts, business affirmations, Lauren’s signature 5-4-3-2-1 digital journal and training course, and a book of checks to the universe.

Bonus #2 - Million Dollar Business Owner Toolkit

($4,997 value)

Unlocks sample contracts, business paperwork, org chart templates, and a shopping list filled with business essentials including books, courses, and more. And that’s not all, you’ll get a time-blocking template + training, plus a financial terms cheat sheet.

Bonus #3 - How to Get 5-star Client Testimonial Training

($1,997 value)

Learn how to capture the joy your clients feel after working with you by scoring glowing testimonials, before and afters, and videos of your clients singing your praises. These are game-changing and money-making assets for your business.

Bonus #4 - Free ticket to the annual Goal Setting & Style Workshop

($997 value)

Inside this exclusive workshop you’ll learn how to better define your vision, purpose, and goals for your business and beyond. We’ll also work together to strategize and reflect on what's needed to accomplish your goals. aking assets for your business.

Bonus #5 - Free ticket to the annual Vision Book Workshop

($997 value)

There are vision boards and then there are vision books! Learn how to create this powerful manifestation tool that combines vision boards, goal-setting, and journaling. Trust, you won’t want to miss this exclusive workshop.

Bonus #6 - Signed Copy of Style Therapy


Get a signed copy of Lauren Messiah’s book, Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style. Use the framework inside the book to style yourself or one of your clients! This bonus is for students who choose the pay-in-full option who are based in the US. *while supplies last

Bonus #7 - Access to the Style Boss Community + Accountability Partners 

($997 value)

Imagine how supported you’ll feel and how much faster you’ll build your business with hundreds of students all going through the process with you! Nothing beats a boss-level community to keep you accountable.

Bonus #8- 3-Month Membership to Style Confidence Collective

(value $200)

Enjoy a complimentary 3-month membership to Style Confidence Collective. The #1 place for ambitious women to gain style, confidence, and success.

You’ll also gain access to the Style Boss Academy™

Private Facebook Community

Network with fellow Style Bosses, share your homework, ask a question, and make new friends inside the Style Boss Academy private Facebook community

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Is Style Boss Academy™ Right For You?

Style Boss Academy™ Is For You If … 

  • You’re an aspiring personal stylist who is ready to start a business
  • You’re an established stylist who is looking to reset the foundation of your business 
  • You want to learn the ins and outs of building a profitable, sustainable business
  • You’re ready to do the work when it comes to structuring your business; including your services, marketing, and more. 
  • You’re committed to engaging in a fun and sometimes challenging program 
  • You’re excited to join a community filled with powerful style entrepreneurs that you can network with and help each other succeed.

Style Boss Academy™ Isn’t For You If .. 

  • You're an aspiring celebrity or editorial fashion stylist who doesn't want to take on private clients.
  • You’ve set up a solid foundation that is bringing you a steady flow of clients and income. 
  • You aren’t interested in building a service-based business. This program is not designed for product-based businesses. 
  • You aren’t willing to invest the time and energy required to watch course videos and complete the business-building worksheets inside the program. 
  • You prefer traditional methods with monotone lessons and textbooks 
  • You’re allergic to fun, jokes, tough-love, and truth bombs.

Watch These Inspiring Stories From Real Students Who Transformed Their Business Inside STYLE BOSS ACADEMY


Inside Style Boss Academy™, You’re Getting Over $25,000 Worth of Content

10 Pre-Recorded Training Modules

($9,997 value)

10 Live 60-Minute Q&A Sessions

($2,997 value)

10 Transformational Workbooks

($2,997 value)

Bonus #1 - Mindset Maintenance Tool Kit

($1,997 value)

Bonus #2 - Million Dollar Business Owner Toolkit

($1,997 value)

Bonus #3 -  5-star Client Testimonial Training

($1,997 value)

Bonus #4 - Ticket to the Goal Setting & Style Workshop

($997 value)

Bonus #5 - Ticket to the Vision Book Workshop

($997 value)

Bonus #6 - Signed Copy of Style Therapy


Bonus #7 - Access to the Style Boss Community

($997 value)

Bonus #8 - 3-Month Membership to Style Confidence Collective

(value $200)

Total Value:


But that’s NOT what your investment in this program will be!

Style Boss Academy™ is only $2,499

And you can get started for just $469 via our flexible payment option today!

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(save $315)

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(6 monthly payments)

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Coaching Upgrade


(SBA + small group coaching with Lauren)

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🎉 Hear What More Graduates Are Saying About SBA 🎉 

"Before working with Lauren I was up and down about if I should take on this next chapter in my career.

Lauren made it simple by giving actionable steps and instilling the confidence I needed to run my business and my brand."


"Before SBA I was all over the place with my business. Without her coaching I would have surrendered and let my dream go away.

Lauren helped me gain the strength and clarity I needed to start and go for my dreams."


"I joined because I had a brain full of good ideas for business, life and growth.

I've watched Lauren for years and there was a time period where I could just SEE the leveling up she'd made happen in her life. I wanted to get closer and learn about the TOOLS she used to get to the next level."


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