Are You Sick of Saying,

“Nothing Ever Fits Me”?


Screw losing weight, say goodbye to those tired leggings, ditch the oversized tunics you’re hiding behind because it’s time to finally start dressing for your body type! 


Quick Question: Any of these phrases ringing a bell?

“You don’t get it; I have a super-weird body.”

“Nothing ever fits me.”

“If only I were 10 lbs lighter, then I could dress well. ”

“There is nothing out there for women over a size ___.”

“Well it’s easy for you to look good, your body is perfect.”


... Oh, and to that last one I say LOL!!! Because no one has a perfect body.

If I had a dollar for each time a client said one of those phrases to me...

I’d be blowing my nose with gold-plated tissues.

I would bathe in Evian water every single day.

In short, I’d have Oprah money.

My ass would be off the grid with 55 dogs, a hot husband, and not a care in the world.

Unfortunately I am not getting crisp dollar bills handed to me every time one of my clients complains about her body. Damn.

All joking aside, it bums me out to hear how often women get defeated by their wardrobes.

Want an ice-cold cup of truth? The truth is, it’s not you. It’s the clothes! Specifically, the clothes you are choosing to keep in your closet.



Think about how awesome it would be if you could…

Open your closet doors and see outfits. Not just any outfits either - oh no. Outfits that fit, look good on you, and make you feel good - every single day.

Never ever annoy your man again by asking this painful question: “Honey, do I look fat in this?” FYI he HATES that question.

Bust out that Cheshire Cat grin whenever you hear your co-workers asking if you've lost weight. The fact that you haven't lost an ounce (and just enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's) will be our little secret.

Change up your style without looking like you just stepped off the set of a reality TV makeover show. It's all about looking like you - just a little better.

Not spend a fortune on a fancy-pants stylist. You're a smart cookie you can tackle this whole style thing, you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

By learning exactly how to make your body svelte AND stylish. Say what?


Hey, I’m Lauren Messiah,
and I teach women how to dress.

You see it kills me to see smart, talented, kick-ass women like yourself struggle when it comes to style. Why the hell should you look average (or dare I say it, below average) when you’re so freaking fabulous!

After spending a decade working as a personal stylist in Hollywood (and charging people thousands - cha-ching), I came to a powerful realization - you don’t need me.

You’re no dummy. If given the proper tools (and my guidance) you can totally style yourself  - and for a chump change in comparison to my in-person fees.

Plus when you know what I know, you'll be unstoppable. You can look good for life. My Hollywood clients would call me (and pay me) every time they needed a new outfit. As fancy as it sounds to "phone your stylist," that nonsense gets expensive, and you're smarter than that.

In 2017, I stopped taking clients and started teaching  everything I knew about style instead.

Fun Fact: I was trained by Stacy London from the hit television show ‘What Not To Wear.’ 

Oh, and did I mentioned she hand-selected me to take on the clients she couldn't handle?

She did.

Stacy taught me everything I needed to know about dressing women in a way that flatters their figure and makes them feel crazy confident.

And if you were wondering, yes, Stacy is as cool in person as she is on TV.


“I’ve watched and rewatched the content you create, what I’ve received is a whole new outlook on clothing, personal presence, and image. Thank you.”

– Heather C.

Drum roll please ...


Dress Right For Your Body Type

Everything you need to know to dress your shape and look stylish while doing it!

FACTS: Science says your body type matters.

The ideal body type is the “hourglass” figure. It dates back to the caveman era; if a woman had a full bust, tiny waist, and hips – it meant she was fertile and could bear children.

The issue is, only 8% of women naturally have that figure!

That means 92% of women feel like losers when it comes to their bodies. Not to mention that the fashion industry has declared the straight-up-and-down/ ultra-thin body type as the ideal.

With all of this conflicting information, it's no wonder you're reaching for the leggings!

The good news is, there is a solution.

Did you really think I'd just leave you hanging with all of that bad news?

Once you get a handle on dressing for your shape (not the body image the media crams down your throat) you will look and feel better. I promise.

Is dressing for your body type the end all be all? Nope. but is sure does help with your body confidence! 

If you want to look slimmer for your high school reunion, a hot date with Tom from accounting, for the trip home to see your always-judging mother ... You will know how to do it!

No need to run out to Nordstrom to frantically buy a new outfit because you'll already have what you need hanging in your closet.

This is exactly why I created a ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type.’

Dress Right For Your Body Type is a series of videos, worksheets, guides, and a community of women to teach you how to dress the body you have now.

Join ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ Today, and Get

The full Dress Right For Your Body Type program, including eight deep dive video lessons taught by Lauren.
Outfits by Body Type eBook
Celebrities Outfits by Body Type eBook
Body Type Identification Worksheet

Enroll Now and Score Yourself Some Sweet Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Celebrities By Body Type eBook.

If looking at celebrities makes you want to scream and/or go on a crash diet - you’re not alone. I couldn’t stomach another blog post encouraging me to dress like a Kardashian. Turns out I was looking at celebrities the wrong way. When you change the way you look at celebrity style, those pesky A-listers can actually help you instead of hurting you.

Bonus #2- Outfits by Body Type eBook.

Raise your hand if you’ve made this move: opens closet doors, stares blankly, puts on favorite tee and jeans that could stand to be washed. Girl, you need some outfit inspiration! I’ve got twenty-five outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and they are all organized by body type.

Bonus #3- Body Type Identification Worksheet.

Are you a pear, an apple, an hourglass, a ruler, a triangle, a flatscreen television. Wait, what?! If you are confused about your body type, I don’t blame you. Fruits, vegetables, desk accessories, geometric shapes - it’s all too much. I’m all about body types made simple, and with the handy-dandy worksheet, you’ll know your shape in seconds.

Lauren, I’m ready to dress for my body type!

Dress Right For Your Body Type


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Celebrities By Body Type eBook

Outfits by Body Type eBook

Body Type Identification Worksheet

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