In this reality series, stylist Lauren Messiah takes ten deserving women, gives them a copy of her book Style Therapy, some filming equipment, and follows them on their 30-day internal and external transformations.

Episode 1: Sarah

Sarah is an epidemiologist, new mom, and total badass from Duluth Georgia.  Her self-proclaimed frumpy wardrobe is filled with ill-fitting, drab items that don't match Sarah's incredible energy and success. 

The pandemic,  motherhood, and her changing body have contributed to her style struggles. Will Sarah put in the work to overcome her style struggles or will she throw in the towel and embrace her Boring Betty Anti-Style Type? 


Episode 2: Dana

Dana is a multi-passionate aspiring entrepreneur, mother, and survivor who is putting in the work to overcome trauma.

Dana has been wearing nothing but leggings and is ready to ditch her comfy clothes for styles that support the woman she is becoming.

Will Dana push through the style roadblocks standing in her way, or will she buckle under the pressure and return to her life of leggings?


Episode 3: Gabriella

Gabriella is an artist, photographer, digital nomad, and boss babe in the making. She is beginning a new stage of life and needs her wardrobe to represent the woman she is becoming. Gabriella is ready to let go of her ill-fitting casual wardrobe, and her need for her parents approval.

Will Gabriella ditch her comfy clothes and move past her people-pleasing style roadblocks? Or will she stay in her comfort zone and miss out on embodying her true boss-hood?


Episode 4: Ivory

Ivory is a fashion industry boss lady and mother of three. She is tired of not fully owning her awesomeness and is prepared to start looking the part.

Ivory's wardrobe is filled with oversized tee shirts, sweats, and MEN's clothing, and trade them in for a sleek badass wardrobe.

Will Ivory say goodbye to the worker-bee wardrobe and super-sized clothing? Or will she fall back into old habits and continue hiding her greatness?


Episode 5: Charity

Charity is a General Manager at an Auto Dealership in Tennessee. Her current style doesn't suck, but she defines it as "safe." Charity hates safe.

The question is will Charity leave her style comfort zone and finally make her style dreams of being known without an introduction to come true? Or will her longstanding issues of dropping the ball and never finishing anything come back to bite her in the butt?


Episode 6: Taj

Taj is a 22-year-old 1st year Ph.D. student struggling to find a style that makes her stand out. She's the family "golden child" who has been praised for her good grades since she was five years old but longs for a look that says more than "book smart."

The question is, is Taj willing to do the deep inner work to transcend her style roadblocks so she can shine in this area of her life? Or will her overly analytical mind get in the way of her transformation?


Episode 7: Tala

Tala is an attorney living in Los Angeles, CA who's "sloppy" style has her tired! Tired of her clothing, her closet, her body image issues, and tired of having people being surprised when they find out she's a lawyer.

The question is, is Tala willing to do the deep inner work, as she says, to silence the "heffa living inside her head" to reinvent herself as a stylish confident woman? Or will she continue to self-sabotage and live a life where she dims her light


Episode 8: Debra

Debra is a teacher living in Houston, Texas. She has been hiding behind baggy clothing since she was 11-years old. She admits she's never had respect for the significance of style but soon realized that hiding behind her baggy clothing was a lot of painful memories that needed to be addressed.

The question is, will Debra push through the pain to unearth a signature style she can stick with? Or will she grab those big-baggy clothes and go back into hiding?


Episode 9: Sandra & Odette

Sadly, not everyone made it all the way through their Style Therapy Makeover Experience journey.

Watch to find out what happened with our last two women!


Episode 10: Lauren

We're mixing things up for the season finale of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience.

Author Lauren Messiah gives HERSELF a makeover using her own book Style Therapy.