Want Head-Turning Style & Instant Confidence?

The quickest path to a career fast-track and personal growth is to dress the part.

You don’t need a small figure, a big personality or a large clothing budget to look important, feel confident, and get ahead in life. 

You just need to discover your Personal Style.


[ Pur-suh-nl Stahyl ] The knowing of who you are, expressed through style

If you want to get ahead in this life, you need to play the game.  The truth is, in order for people to like and trust you, spend money with you, or date you, they need to be interested in you. 

What you wear will say everything about who you are within 3 seconds of seeing you. 

What is your style saying about you?

Is Your Current Style Helping You
...or Hurting You?  

I’ve dedicated my life to helping women feel confident in their clothing because I know how much your appearance affects your results. 

Unfortunately, hard work and a rockin’ personality can only go so far in this world. 

You need to dress the part. 

I’ll show you how! 



Look, I Know Why You’re Here...



1) You Don’t Like Your Current Style

Most of the clothes in your closet are old and make you look a little frumpy.

They were probably bought off the sale rack because you feel guilty buying yourself new clothes at full price.

And you were probably told once (at a vulnerable age) that you can’t pull off a certain style or color, and you axed it from your wardrobe ever since.


2) You Don’t Like Your Body

You have stubborn areas that make you feel self-conscious (girl, we all do).

So you use clothing to hide your tummy/arms/thighs.

That’s why your all-black “don’t pay much attention to me” outfit gets so much action.


3) You Don’t Want To Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard

You tone down your love for bold patterns, color, and accessories because you wonder what your coworkers or your partner will think about your intentions… 

So you save your “nice clothes” for a special occasion (that never comes around)

You dim your light to make others around you feel more “comfortable” with themselves and sabotage your happiness in the process.


No wonder you have nothing to wear!!! 

...no wonder you live in leggings.
...no wonder you hate shopping.
...no wonder you’re sitting here reading this right now.

“Fashion for a woman still predominates how people view you, and that’s not fair, that’s not right, but it's true. That’s when fashion isn’t just fashion, it’s how you turn it into your tool, rather than being a victim of it.” Michelle Obama

This is where I come in!  

 I’m Lauren Messiah, and I change lives. I’m considered the most in-demand personal stylist in Los Angeles and have transformed over 5,000 women’s style across the globe. My secret sauce is combining personal development and personal style.

Google named me YouTube’s #WomenToWatch; I’ve been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, The Hollywood Reporter, and Refinery 29. I’ve written three books’ Style Therapy™ (Spring 2021), ‘The Book of Style’, and ‘The Style Solution™.’

That extreme humble brag was to say: you’re in good hands! I’m not some Joe-schmo stylist who only knows how to dress herself. I’ve been around the block and have devoted my career to helping women, just like you, unleash your true self using style.

You Can’t Just Upgrade Your Style By Shopping!

It’s not your fault...


We were never taught how to shop.

Never taught how to create powerful outfits.

Never taught how style gives you shape,
and how to choose what’s best for your body type.  


With no compass or framework to help you navigate your chaotic closet, you have to rely on your feelings and emotions to pick out the best outfit option each day.  

I know how important self-image and confidence are for your career, relationships, and reputation so I’m not leaving it up to chance on how I’m feeling that day... 


That’s why I created the only Style System™ on the planet that allows you to combine your personality, your goals, and your body type to create a confidence-inducing outfit for any occasion in 5 minutes flat. Every time.

What Happens When You Have a System Behind Your Style:


Meet Shannon,
Ex-Fashion Mess

Shannon called me up because she needed a dress for a movie premiere.

Truthfully, I can’t stand these types of styling jobs because styling one outfit is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet hole. 

But she walked the red carpet in a gorgeous dress and felt the true power of unstoppable confidence. She looked good and no one could tell her any differently. I was happy for her, even though I knew her style hangover was right around the corner.

Sure enough, I got the call...


 “Lauren! Everyone at work thinks I’m a PA (production assistant) and I think it’s because of my wardrobe.”

Just one night in the right clothes allowed people to see Shannon in a different light. Heck, she saw herself in a different light too. Once she experienced the power of style confidence, she realized she was being passed up for game-changing opportunities at work because of how she presented herself.

She drank enough of my Kool-Aid to see how expressing her true self through style could increase her confidence and the positive attention that comes from it.

“My life has completely turned around since working with Lauren, I have a completely different life. 

I got married since working with Lauren, I got the job I wanted since working with Lauren. I (no joke) tripled my income since working with Lauren.”

Don’t leave your style to chance.
Your life depends on it.

 Meet Diane,
Ex-Fashion Mess

Diane was living in Portland, trying to dress up for the edgy street scene but soon realized she was being looked at like a homeless person. Her style wasn’t working for her. Working at a creative agency surrounded by Millennials who look cute in a tee and some jeans was all the inspiration she needed to figure out her personal style. 

She had said, “I want to look my age, but I want to look good.” 

Throughout Personal Style University she realized her street-chic style did a disservice to her because it didn’t work with her body type. She realized Portland wasn’t working for her either, so she’s moving back to California to stay true to herself. 

With her new feminine, upgraded boho style, she finally feels like herself. She’s still stepping into this new style, but she now says...

 “When I can really hone in on the brands that work for me, I think I  can have a minimal wardrobe and still feel very much like myself. I’m learning how to be me while staying loyal to this personal style I’ve created”.


Are You Ready For The Style Shortcut To Go From “No” to “Woah”?

Personal Style University

I’ve taken my best-kept secrets from a lifetime of style persuasion, combined with the frameworks I made for my stylist clients, and packaged it up into the ultimate immersive experience for you to makeover your style in the next 6 weeks.     

I’ve used style to go from a 6-figure business to a 7-figure business in one year. I’ve used style to attract the attention of romantic partners I was interested in.
I’ve used it to win the respect and votes needed for a position I wanted in an organization.
Even crossing “Meet Steve Harvey” off my bucket list was made possible by style persuasion.

I personally follow this Style System™ every time I want to level up in life.

Now I’m sharing my system with women like you who don’t want to leave their life to chance... 

Setting the Stage

Your current style is sending a message, we’re going to find out what that is. You’ll find out firsthand if your style has been helping you or hurting you (often it’s the latter).

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • Run a 7 day “style audit” - this will blow your freakin’ mind with the insights you’ll get after 7 days
  • Illuminate the sneaky “style stories” that are causing you to struggle with getting dressed
  • You’ll learn how to set style goals so you’re equipped to fight the seductive whispers coming from your leggings
  • You’re going to learn “the Basics” that every woman needs in their closet to pull any look together in a pinch, which saves a crap ton of money in the long run...



Finding Your Vibe

After removing the “skeletons” in your closet during module one, we’re ready to start developing your new sense of style.

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • We’ll explore which styles appeal to you and your personality; that way you’re not blindly following celebrity style or trends that you’ll have to replace next season. You’ll never have to rely on a salesperson or that stylish friend of yours to pick out new clothes
  • I’ve identified 12 Style Archetypes that you can choose from to define your personal style - the more personality you have, the more complex your style type will be.
  • Learn how to actually create your own looks from the celebrities and models that inspire you
  • Find out how to make tools like Pinterest, Instagram, and fashion magazines work for you - not against you.



Shopping for Success

99% of my clients can’t stand shopping! So I’m guessing it’s not your favorite thing in the world to do either. If shopping stresses you out then this module is going to be a game-changer. 

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • I’ll show you my stylist secrets from 20 years in the industry so your future shopping trips are going to be easier and much more efficient.
  • Understand how to find clothes that actually fit! No more fitting room meltdowns. You’ll finally put a stop to saying “nothing ever fits me!”
  • No longer get sidetracked by the pretty things you see online or in the store window. You’ll know exactly what to buy and what needs to go back to the store.
  • Save a crap ton of money on clothing because you’ll learn how to make hundreds of outfits with only the Basics.



How to Put an Outfit Together

If you find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear” inside a closet full of clothes, then this module you’ve been waiting for. You’re going to have actual templates for getting dressed for any occasion, so you can create the perfect outfit in under 5 minutes flat. 

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • Outfit Formula Templates allow you to mix-and-match different outfits every day so you never have another closet meltdown
  • Understand how to accessorize so even the most boring outfit will get you that “you look you nice today” attention  
  • Create a “Style Uniform” that will help define who you are as a person. This is where you really dig into your signature style.
  • Understand the rules of style so you can manufacture style persuasion to get in the room and get ahead.




Styling Like a Pro

Ready to be a professional at getting dressed? This module takes what you learned in the previous module to the next level by tapping into skills that are typically reserved for celebrity and professional stylists.

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • Learn how to dress for your unique body type. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you will be able to confidently style your shape.
  • Find out how to style your trouble zones and specialty sizes. Whether you’re athletic, plus-sized or petite - I’ve got you covered!
  • By now you’ll develop the confidence to wear outfits with color and print. Ditch the all-black wardrobe and start having fun with your style
  • Maximize your wardrobe with creative styling techniques and tactics, only the best-dressed women know about so you can get more runway out of your closet.



Style Evolution

You’ve done the hard work, and now have a defined personal style. Now what? Just like diet and exercise, the work doesn’t end once you reach your desired result - you still need to get dressed every day…

Here’s what we do next: 

  • Keep your look fresh and your style up to date from season-to-season without having to reinvent the wheel every few months. Slipping back into bad habits is no longer an option.
  • Find out how to make your style evolve with you as you change and grow as a human. You’ll get a clear action plan for shifting your style as your life evolves.
  • Properly celebrate your transformation! You’ve come so far already and we just took the training wheels off! You’ll be a brand new woman by the end of your style journey, and those around you will take notice.  



What Does Personal Style
Really Get Me?

You’ll have a new polished sense of style that perfectly expresses your personality, goals, and body type so you know what to keep in your closet, what to toss, and what to shop for without wasting money on fast fashion or one-and-done clothing.

You’ll have outfit formulas that allow you to turn your personal style into hundreds of  confident outfits, for any occasion, in 5 minutes flat. Never throw another tantrum in your closet while trying to find something to wear.

You’ll know how to shop for exactly what you need to pull your style together so you actually save money and get more runway out of each article of clothing.

You’ll exude confidence, people will see you in a new light, and you’ll start to see yourself in a new light as you ditch the “no need to pay attention to me outfits” and start expressing your true colors.

You will start attracting more positive attention, which has translated into random job promotions, dream jobs, more attention from your partner or love interests, more respect at work, and even free donuts from the coffee shop! 

… who knows, we hear all kinds of style wins in PSU

All That & More!

Here are a few other resources I’m going to toss in for you.

I want you to love how you feel in your clothes,
so I want to give everything I can that will support your new Style System™

Style Type Deep Dive ($497 value) 

The Style Type Deep Dive could be a full course on its own. I’ve found the 12 Style Types that cover 99% of outfits on the planet, so you can discover which style(s) you resonate with most and define your new style moving forward. You’ll find it’s easier to get dressed, go shopping, and pin new looks when you have your new style defined into one category. 


Dress Right For Your Body Type ($97 value) 

Dress Right For Your Body Type is a best-seller on its own because every single woman is unique and not all shapes and styles will work for your body. I’ve broken it down into 5 different body types like “bigger on the bottom” and “no curves”, so you can determine what style is best for your body, what outfits to focus on, what cuts and patterns to avoid, and how to make style work for you - no matter how much you fight with certain body parts 

Styling With Shoes ($297 value) 

You can put a great outfit together and ruin the whole look with the wrong shoes. Match your footwear to your style with the Shoe Styling bonus. You’ll learn which shoes go with which outfit, how to find comfortable and stylish shoes (yes, you can have both), and other tips/techniques for shoe styling success.

Seasonal Styling Techniques ($297 value)  

You’re going to learn how to look good no matter the climate with these Seasonal Styling Techniques. Whether you live where it’s extra hot and humid or where it’s freezing cold, you can still look good. Don’t use weather as an excuse to cheat on your style.

Garment Care and Storage Guide + Alteration Pricing Guide ($297 value) 

The Garment Care and Storage Guide will help you take care of your garments, so they’ll last a long time and keep you looking clean and confident. These simple steps will save you lots of money in your life by extending the shelf life of your clothes. I’ll show you which tools I believe every woman should have in her closet to keep her wardrobe in order. 

Many women have items they’re not willing to get rid of because it was expensive or nostalgic. Which is why I’ll also share my Alterations Pricing Guide so you know what you can get altered and how much you should expect to pay for alterations.


All of that on top of the core Style System you’re going to get! 


So how much does it cost?

When you join TODAY, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Lifetime Access to my 4-Step Personal Style System™ to reinvent yourself and your style - every year if you wanted to
    Value: My private styling clients would pay me up to $5,000 for this
  • The Style Type Deep Dive to understand what style type best suits your personality, goals and body type
    Value: $497
  • Outfit Formula templates for you to turn your closet into hundreds of wardrobes no matter your personal style type
    Value: $297
  • Dress Right For Your Body Type to help you customize your style to flatter your body and feel confident in every outfit
    Value: Available for $97 in the shop
  • 6 bonus Q&A videos with me, along with group feedback inside the member Facebook Group
    Value: $397
  • + the other bonuses valued at $297 that you’re getting today for FREE!




Let’s get designing your new personal style.


Don’t worry.  If you go with the payment plan today, you’ll still get access to all the same bonuses mentioned above. Pay now and get access for a lifetime.


You can get started today for...

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pay once today and you're all set!

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My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Personal Style University is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works:

If you do the Personal Style University work and don’t get value, submit your completed worksheets within the first two Module weeks, let us know what didn’t work for you, and get a full refund. Simple as that. Do the work, and if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right with a refund.


More Style Wins

“Lauren, your work and mission to empower women resonated with me completely. I am in the middle of treatment for breast cancer, and I joined Personal Style University as part of my self-care regime. Over the past 2 years I have moved across the country, got my dream job, got divorced, and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. But I forgot that I’m a BOSS and that I have a calling for helping women and creating peace in the world. My body has changed. I lost my long hair, gained 15 pounds from chemo. I am nearing the end of chemo and radiation now. My hair is growing back, and I’m finally able to walk again. I’m going through a major transformation. That’s where you entered! You lifted me up, and made me remember my goals. And brought back joy in my life through style and some self-reflection when I could have nose-dived into feeling sad about the state of my appearance. I remembered that as the director of a women’s rights and international security program, conveying feminine power is the most important thing to do, and very difficult. So, thank you for your fabulous work” – Sahana  

“Every once in a while, like today, I feel like a million bucks. I never felt that way before Personal Style University.” – Credence

 “Lauren, you have improved the quality of my life in so many ways. I can’t even!! Just to find you, Personal Style University, and to learn that everyday “normal” people can have access to all that you offer is not only a game-changer, it truly has been a life-changer.” - Charity M.


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