Let me guess …


✔️ You constantly get compliments on the way you dress

✔️ Your friends and family ask you to style them for events, weddings, first dates, and business functions

✔️ Your phone and DMs are blowing up with people asking for styling advice

✔️ You're the go-to shopping pal in your friend group

✔️ And it seems like everyone is saying, "You should do this (styling) for a living."


But the problem is you don't know how 😳


Introducing ...




Styling Fundamentals

Your Personal Styling Career Starts Here!


This is your opportunity to master the systems and processes behind becoming a personal stylist from the ground up.


This is ❌ NOT ❌ a business program, but it will set the foundation for your business and improve your skillset as a stylist.


What Lauren's Styling Fundamentals students are saying …








You're Doing it Wrong! 


But it's not your fault, and I'm here to help ... 


The truth is most personal stylists are out here winging it.


They are checking out the "competition" and doing their best impression of their styling process.

A consultation here, a closet cleanse there, and let's throw in a lookbook for good measure.

And don't even get me started on the virtual styling platforms that are onboarding anyone who says they are a stylist while you struggle to successfully serve your clients.


The result?


😩 No repeat business.

😩 Burnout.

😩 Imposter syndrome.

😩 Self-doubt.

😩 and a loooong ride on the struggle bus.


Let's stop the madness by going back to basics and adopting the systems and processes that the OG's of the styling world use every single day.


If we haven't met, my name is Lauren Messiah.


I've been in the styling business for 14+ years, coached thousands of stylists, and wrote Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style.

And just like you, I went from someone who was OBSESSED with fashion and dying to break into the industry but had ZERO clue on how to do the job as a stylist.

When I was 28, I got a peek behind the curtain while assisting and interning for celebrity stylists here in Hollywood. I learned the step-by-step process from taking someone from a stranger to knowing them well enough to dress them in a matter of weeks.


... not to mention all the shopping, styling, and everything in between to make them look like a million bucks.


It wasn't long before I adapted what I learned in the celebrity styling world to styling everyday men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and body types as a Personal Stylist.


Since then, I've made millions as a Personal Stylist, been featured in the press, appeared on TV, and have transformation thousands. But none of that would have been possible without masterminding the fundamentals.


Inside Styling Fundamentals,

I will teach you EXACTLY how to work with a Personal Styling client from start to finish!




Topics include:


👑 What a personal stylist is and isn't

👑 Conducting an in-depth client consultation

👑 Tips and techniques for understanding your client quickly through body language

👑 The right questions to ask your clients to style them successfully

👑 How to take your clients' measurements (without things getting weird)

👑 Mastering closet cleanses ... without spending 8+ hours inside your client's closet

👑 The difference between a closet cleanse and a closet audit

👑 Building out your styling kit (mini and full-sized kits)

👑 Techniques for collaborating with your client on their styling transformation

👑 Lessons on building mood boards and Pinterest boards like a pro

👑 Real-life case studies and examples from Lauren's past styling clients

👑 How to shop like a stylist (in-person and virtually)

👑 Building professional relationships with stores and boutiques

👑 Shopping budgets and wardrobe management

👑 Pre-styling vs styling on the fly

👑 Building out your styling studio

👑 How to conduct a client fitting

👑 Taking the stores to the clients vs. inviting them to your studio

👑 Wrapping out your clients + returns


And so much more!!


You'll also get some juicy bonuses:



 🎁Bonus #1- Inside a Stylist's Kit training video

Look inside my styling kit and discover the essential tools every stylist should own.


🎁Bonus #2- Shopping SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

A step-by-step guide to shopping effectively and professionally, streamlining your process and saving time.


🎁Bonus #3- 114 Question Ideas for Style Consultations + Closet Cleanses Guide


🎁Bonus #4- Donate, Sell, and Clothing Recycling Guide for Stylists 


🎁Bonus #5- Shopping Directory for Personal Stylists


🎁Bonus #6- Access to our private Facebook community for personal stylists



Best in the world, stylists don't wing it.


They learn from the best, take the lessons they've learned, adapt them to their business, and serve their clients profoundly and powerfully.



So the question is, are you in?




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